Becoming by Michelle Obama

Reviewed by Jayne S (Library Staff)

“This was a time consuming read – a lot of dates, people and events to learn about, but at the end I was happy that I persevered.

Michelle gave insight on what growing up in south side Chicago was like and how her close-knit family contributed to her success.

As a single woman, she quit her high-paying law firm position and took government jobs that helped women and minorities in her hometown.

After marrying Barack and being thrust unwillingly into politics, she continued her quest to do what she could to make things better. She learned some hard lessons campaigning for her husband on how her every word and body language could be interpreted incorrectly with devastating results.

But what I got most from this book is her love and devotion to her family. She did everything she could to raise her daughters to be strong, caring young ladies, while living in the White House fishbowl.

No matter what you thought of the Obama Presidency, Michelle Obama is a remarkable woman. I recommend this book.

Located in Nonfiction (921 OBAMA)

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