As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds

Reviewed by Jane Oliver-Purton (Library Staff)

I’m still on a bit of a Jason Reynolds kick, and decided to read an earlier one, written in 2016. As Brave as You is the story of two brothers, Ernie and Genie (Ernest and Eugene) who are staying at their grandparents’ house in Virginia for a few week while their parents go to Jamaica for a little R&R and to see if their marriage is savable. Genie is a questioning kid, who keeps his queries in a notebook, and Googles the answers when he can. He has a lot of questions, many of them about his family, and the many things he feels he doesn’t know about them. Not surprisingly, things are different at Grandma and Grandpop’s home in the country (It’s certainly not Brooklyn!) The boys have chores, Grandpop is blind, and there are hidden family secrets, all of which add to Genie’s list of questions. Needless to say, I really liked this book. It’s filled with questions, difficulties, family, and humor… with a little soul searching and a lot of heart thrown in. You can’t do better than Jason Reynolds when it comes to a middle grade story. In my book, he’s the best.

Located in Children’s Fiction (J FIC REYNOLDS)

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