American Fire: Love, Arson, and Life in a Vanishing Land by Monica Hesse

Reviewed by Holly (Library Patron)

This book is based on a true crime story that takes place in the Fall 2012. The author gives a historical snapshot of the region known as, The Eastern Shores of Virginia. During a five month period, sixty seven arson fires were set by a weird couple who met and developed a strange love relationship. Since the fires and the news of them are relatively new(2012) many readers may be familiar with some of the tidbits of the story. The author, Ms. Hesse, has done extensive research on the arson spree, region, and participants. The story/characters seem creepy and I found myself reading quickly as I just wanted the darkness of the story to end. If you are in the mood for this genre perhaps you will “enjoy” this book. The thing that propelled me to continue reading was that I kind of knew things would turn out ok in the end.

Available through the Bridges Library System

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