American Assassin (2017)

Reviewed by Emily Terasa (Library Staff)

American Assassin follows Mitch Rapp, a CIA black ops recruit, as he joins a Cold War veteran, Stan Hurley, to try and stop a rogue operative who wants to start World War III. If the name Mitch Rapp sounds familiar, it’s because this movie is based off of a Vince Flynn book series. While American Assassin is not the first book in the series, it is a kind of prequel that shows how Mitch Rapp becomes involved in the CIA.

Having never read any of the books in the series, I was uncertain about what to expect. While I was entertained by this movie, it was definitely not the best action movie I’ve ever seen. Certain aspects of the movie I found confusing and hard to follow, but overall it was an enjoyable action flick to watch on a lazy Saturday.

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