Amadeus (1984)

Reviewed by Zach S (Library Staff)

Love, betrayal, selfishness, passion, and above all, music! These are the themes that form the core of Milo’s Foreman’s 1984 Academy Award winning classic “Amadeus.” The film follows the story of the now eldery composer Antonio Salieri, having attempted suicide he is sent to a mental institution where a young priest asks the once great composer to unburden himself from his sins. What follows is a three hour saga as Salieri confesses both his hatred and admiration to the one man he considers to undoubtedly be the voice of God: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, brilliantly portrayed as a spoiled and entitled savant by Tom Hucle. The film is enriched by it’s incredible attention to detail from its costumes, set design and most importantly its performers. It’s the performances of Hucle’s Mozart and F. Murray Abraham’s Academy Award winning work as Salieri that anchor the film and give it its lasting effect that lingers with the viewer far after the credits have rolled. The question was once asked “If there are literally hundreds of films about Beethoven, why is there only one about Mozart?” The answer? There only needed to be one, and it is a masterpiece.

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