Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

Reviewed by Jen Bremer (Library Staff)

This. Book. I really loved this book. It’s a witty, sweet romance tied up in old movies, nerdisms, and real life. The protagonist, Bailey, is offbeat, sarcastic, and classic in all the best ways. Her love of old films and museums is endearing. And her sense of style is enough to make a 35 year old want to dress better. That said, one of the shining characters of this book is actually her father. He’s not a mockery of a parent, nor is he a throwaway character as parental figures often are in YA books. His love for Settlers of Catan and Sci-Fi flicks played at window rattling decibels add a lot of comedic relief. The book also handles the more serious storylines with blunt honesty and does not shy away difficult topics like drug abuse, divorce, sex, and difficult home lives. The cherry on top is, of course, the hunky, surfer dude romantic interest with a fascination with the weather.

A solid READ THIS BOOK from me. In fact, I’ll probably read it again.

Located in Teen Fiction (TEEN FIC BENNETT)

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