A Sin Such as This by Ellen Hopkins

Reviewed by Stephanie Ramirez (Library Staff)

Renowned Young Adult author Ellen Hopkins is back in the adult genre again with a sequel to 2016’s “Love Lies Beneath.” We revisit the Lattimore family, most specifically Tara Lattimore, the thrice-divorced, newly married (and slightly psychotic?) woman who headed the last story. Newlywed Tara and husband Cavin are settled into a quasi-normal routine with her stepson Eli and her niece Kayla, who are dating. Other than that–there is not much to tell. Hopkins loses her way on this one: the tension, although building throughout, is very minimal, the characters uniformly aren’t likeable, and the payoff is incredibly rushed. The final resolution literally takes place in the last chapter, around 10 pages, and considering how out of left field it is, leaves the reader feeling robbed. Yet, I somehow waited diligently to finish and couldn’t put it down. Can’t quite recommend and yet will not fully condemn this wanna-be thriller.

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC HOPKINS)

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