A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

Reviewed by Holly (Library Staff)

This novel was extremely depressing. The plot revolves around a so-called “old” man (57 yrs. old) who appears to have given up on life when his beloved wife died. The book chronicles his journey through the last portion of his life and how he only wants to be with her in heaven. He seems obsessed with the idea of ending his life. His attempts to end his life are always interrupted by someone and/or something that Ove views as nothing more than an interruption. As this becomes a chronic pattern, readers realize Ove has several people who care about him and who he cares about. It is not until late in the story that Ove realizes this obvious fact himself. Perhaps he realized it sooner, but he may have believed the people in his life liked him because he was a grouchy old man. Hard to tell. Anyway prepare yourself for a read that will have you thinking about life and the choices we make.

P.S. As a former, loyal, repeat Saab owner I understood the MANY Saab references, but the average reader would most likely get sick of the word Saab (except perhaps the last time it was used)

Located in Adult Fiction (FIC BACKMAN)

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