2 by Mac Demarco

Reviewed by Zach S (Library Staff)

2, the debut full length album from Canadian musician Mac Demarco, offers it’s listener a kind of music that is both refreshingly new yet fittingly retro throughout it’s 31 minutes and 27 second run time. It’s on this album that Demarco solidifies his now trademark style of carefree slacker rock. The album offers variety from track to track, starting with the lighthearted and easygoing “cooking up something good”, to the hauntingly calm and smooth “ode to Viceroy”, and finally ending with the enduring and surprisingly tender “still together.” 2 as an album is the personification of an old soul in a young body, capturing the spirit of the past whilst embracing the future.

Currently unavailable in the system, but try other CDs by Mac Demarco including Salad Days, Another One, and This Old Dog.

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